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       Ashiatsu Massage      

Find a healing touch with massage.


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What is Ashiatsu Massage?
Ashiatsu, (ashi means foot and atsu means pressure), is an ancient form of bodywork brought to us by Buddhist monks. Ahh...shiatsu Bar Therapy is a trademarked form of Ashiatsu Bar Therapy. It is based on an ancient ayurvedic practice of Chavutti Thirummal. It combines Swedish, Myofascial, and compression techniques that are applied to the body with the therapist's feet. Thereby, giving the hands and thumbs a rest. Ashiatsu is an art, where the feet glide effortlessly over the contours of the client's body. Special ashiatsu cream formulated by BonVital facilitates the hypnotic movements of the routine.  The pressure can be as light as a swedish massage or the deepest massage a therapist can give. 


What are the benefits of Ashiatsu Massage?
Using a protocol of strokes that are gliding with the pressure of the feet,  a "push, pull, pumping" effect is created on the intervertebral disc space. This deep compression on the soft tissue around the joints allows the nucleus pulposus (inside the disc) to assume its central position within the annular fibers and relieve irritations on the spinal nerve caused by inflammation and swelling is performed with smooth, flowing, gliding deep foot pressure.  Mobilization above and below the joints naturally takes place due to the deep compression to surrounding muscle. Ashiatsu treatments are a more effective application of deep tissue massage. The pressure is constant and evenly maintained. It creates more circulation. More circulation brings about faster healing. Ashiatsu brings about a relaxed state that last for hours after a massage service. Clients don't walk out of a session - they float.  Ashiatsu combines the best elements of traditional Thai massage, barefoot shiatsu from Japan and Keralite massage from southern India.

Denise McCauslin has been trained and certified in this modality of massage therapy by Brenda Mowry of The Barefoot Masters.



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Last modified: 12/09/09